Danish Chapter Meeting


Join us for a pivotal chapter meeting of SustainableIT Denmark, hosted at the prestigious Danske Bank's new headquarters. This exclusive gathering aims to delve into the intersection of sustainability regulations in the IT sector and the innovative integration of artificial intelligence (AI) for sustainable practices.

Throughout the event, esteemed speakers and industry experts will provide valuable insights into the pressing challenges and opportunities facing the IT industry in the realm of sustainability. From exploring the significance of sustainability in IT practices to understanding global sustainability goals and the role of IT in achieving them, attendees will gain comprehensive knowledge on the subject.

Furthermore, the event will feature engaging discussions and interactive sessions where participants can exchange ideas, share best practices, and collaborate on strategies to accelerate IT's response to sustainability regulations. 

Agenda to Include:

  • Welcome and Introduction: A brief introduction by Danske Bank. 
  • Keynote: The keynote speech will focus on the future of sustainable practices and regulations followed by a presentation on integrating AI for sustainable practices: challenges and opportunities.
  • Closing Remarks and Networking: A recap of key insights and conclusions from the discussions, jointly presented by Danske Bank and SustainableIT.org.